Darwin Personals, Craigslist Darwin Personals

Darwin Personals, Craigslist Darwin Personals

Darwin Personals

white women seeking black boys

please if you have anything reasonable to talk about please don’t waste your time because I don’t have time to begin acting dumb and if you know you’ve got what it takes to be with me then lets see if we match.

older women seeking junior dudes

Im GAY. I have Four.Five children they are my world any one i meet must be ok with teenagers and youthfull children.. interests: spending time with my kids ,roller skating,ten pin bowling bbqs,walking beach,my friends,music, sun sets, sun rises, good conversation, good company. And dont mind a drink now..

older women seeking boys

my name is Susan or as i get called Sue by friends, i am single living in a puny country town. im an Artist mainly abstact stuff. i have redish blondishes long hair i have a total figure and love kids but dont want any

youthfull women seeking older guys

About me: Da names Martina est. 1.Ten.1994 i hate people that backstabb, lie or are just being total dickheads just dont ask me too much questions i will always get confused BTW i love my family and friends they meen everything to me I have three religions but

women seeking older fellows

About me: I love travelling to many different places. I am abit of an escapade thrill seeker. I like most things to do with flying or leaping out of flawlessly good planes. Tracking in jungles, or observing how other people live in different countries. I love to sob at sad movie

older women seeking fellows

my name is Susan or as i get called Sue by friends, i am single living in a puny country town. im an Artist mainly abstact stuff. i have redish blondishes long hair i have a total figure and love kids but dont want any

friendly, outgoing,I come here to talk, socialize, and meet fresh people. I dont like fakes and players or mind games it truly annoys me, If your looking for bones keep dreaming you won’t find them here I’m cuddly, curvy and sassy I’m a diva, and proud to be a real woman with slew to love

I am very creative and artistic. I love working on my house and digging in my gardens, I have no problem getting filth under my pummels. I believe in a best friend to spend my life with, and if it takes awhile and I meet fresh friends along the way, that’s a good thing too.

hey there from Adelaide.Im outgoing,funny. i hope,kind,sensitive person,always up for a laugh anytime or place. im in to surfing,beach,drinking, movies, driving,draping with mates,partying,cars and just having a excellent time running a muck lol so if i kittle ya fancy come say hi. 😛

Am a peace loving woman with a good heart am here to seek LOVE. I believe Love is when there are a million things you want to say to someone, but when they look you in the eyes and hold you in their arms nothing in life matters other than being with that person at that moment..Love is like a fl

rich studs seeking women

Pretty down to earth effortless going stud who doesnt like pushing around people. I am more of an introvert who likes the company of people listening to their interesting and broad multiplicity of conversations. I can be very soft and tolerant (maybe a bit too much lol). Hope I can make the fortunate one glad 🙂

white studs seeking black women

My name is shane years youthfull and love to eat ice fluid cake. I work Two jobs one at a bank and the other as a rememdial rubdown therapist. I like to dangle out with mates hit the town and run a muck, get onto the sauce and have a good time. Thats enough for now if you want to know more just ask.

older studs seeking women

hi, welcome to my profile. Did you have trouble finding the place? Come on in. Whoops, witness your step through the doorway! It shows up to be daunting but theres indeed nothing to it! there you go, just go after me and i’ll take you on a quick tour of me. Please note the portait on the wall to your l

boys seeking older women

You’re either in or, out! That’s my philosophy on life, you can’t be on the fence, if you don’t think you’re up to the task then, stand aside and give someone else a go. If you have describe me behind my back then I reckon you’d say that I’m environmentalist who drives a car everywh

dudes seeking plus size women

, i work as a youth worker for city of sydney council and explore at tafe, it’s somthing i love but it can be indeed draining somtimes. I like to go out and hit the clubs every once and a while and dance truly badly.. Im a pretty effortless going person. Right now i’m at a stage

I am an Australian working all over the world and in Australia at present on holidays. I like to have a good time and meet friends. I am looking for that special one as my playmate in life. Attempt me I am a good boy.

junior boys seeking older women

Hey, well my name is Danny i live in cairns in QLD australia, i am gay and love it i am looking for friends ll over the world and in cairns usually i would only talk to u if u were in australia but i am going to have the exceptions.. so hit me a line if u wanna talk..

I am a successful dynamic person looking for someone for my 2nd wing to fly and share some common interests. Being open minded in nature, I figured I would attempt the on-line treatment for a switch to my loneliness,An independent and easy-going person who is career minded is preferred. Having a sense

I’m presently studying photography (4th year) and working in the industry taking a few photos, I work in a chill atmosphere. I might be doing masters next year. I like watching the AFL and NBA, play a few puter games I don’t take things that earnestly unless I’m at work.


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