No interest in going out with someone whom I know there is no attraction with.

No interest in going out with someone whom I know there is no attraction with.

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No, not unless that is made real clear up front. I’m in this questionable place (POF) for a duo of different reasons. Sure, I would love to find a good match that goes the distance, but I do have a fairly open mind, have seen enough to know not to rush to judgment, and indeed do believe that gold is where you find it (haven’t seen a map, formula, or other sure-fire peak yet that’s any help).

The only possible way for me to know whether the potential is there is to spend some time with a woman, arm’s length or closer. If, for whatever reason, we will not be paramours, I’d certainly hope we could be friends. I have lotsa room for those.

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No, there are some who haven’t outgrown that. I have an acquaintance from a long time ago, on here, she’s 53, who says, “well, I need to eat ya know.” And she picks one, anyone and goes out. Never in the least bit interested in some of these fellows she’s accepted dates with. But, she did things like this 30 years ago too.

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It would NOT surprise me to find out that these are the types of

people that are permanently complaining of dates not meeting

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His post mirrors my thoughts on this subject exactly. No interest in going out with someone whom I know there is no attraction with. Honestly, not too interested in dating at the moment either. Just blessed to be myself in my blessed place at the moment. (and no, not THAT blessed place either! lol)

I never did date for the sake of dating anyway. I have lots of family and good friends for going out with if I so desire!

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But if we loved each other’s company and both desired to spend an evening together. a movie. dinner. dancing. Something we both liked and desired to do I might.

But if he was someone I had met and knew I did not love his company . Nope why spend a boring night with someone who I knew was spending a boring night too.

Seems a real waste of both our time.

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I recall when i very first became single after the end of a very,very long relationship,i went CRAZZZEEEEE. (like a kid in a candy shop)

I was out 3-4 nights a week with different guys. and,this went on for months.

There was one man in particlular id catch up with weekly,as opposed to staying home,alone. (we had zilch in common),but i just couldnt/wouldnt stay home !!

One night while out with him i reminisce my mind drifting & asking myself what was i doing there with him?

That was the night i determined to NOT waste time on guys i had no interest in.

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