Romantic first kiss stories every girl is dreaming about

The first kiss is hard to forget. You feel weak in your legs, you lick your lips nervously, you get closer to your crush and then… It happens.

Every girl dreams about having their first kiss in the most romantic way possible. And some of them have actually experienced it! Here we got the most romantic first kiss stories that will make you gush over.

“I first saw her when I was five. Our church was having a chili supper and she was standing next to her dad, the pastor. Her name was Kari. I now knew that angels were real…one was standing next to the pastor.
Because my last name begins with “M” and her’s was “N”, when the teacher put us all alphabetically, I got to sit next to her. I was over the moon.
By fourth grade I was in agony. Most boys and girls were “Yuck” when it came to the opposite sex. I had to pretend I felt the same, but deep inside I knew…I loved Kari. So I wrote her a love note and signed it “From a secret admirer”.
She asked every boy in our class if they had wrote it. The boys denied it and started ribbing each other about being the one who wrote the note. I couldn’t risk the bullying that would come with my admission…so I lied.
One of the other girls had seen me slip the note on her desk, and confronted me. Armed with her knowledge, she extracted a confession, and then asked me how she could help me. I said I had to admit it on my own.
She went straight to Kari and said, “Dennis knows who wrote the note.”
One afternoon I lost my recess due to not getting homework done. I had to work on it during recess as punishment.
I had just finished it when Kari came into the room. She said she knew the truth, that I knew who wrote the note. She wanted a name. I kept making excuses, saying I didn’t know. I suddenly realized she had me cornered and was grinning like a Cheshire cat. It was an this moment I realized she knew the truth.
Her mouth was inches from mine, her breath hot on my face. I couldn’t think. I couldn’t breathe. All I could do was stare at her. Then my body developed a will of its own.
I cupped her face in my hands, and pulled her to me. It was in that first moment I realized the glory of the first kiss of love. I was nine.
We broke away like scalded cats when the others entered the room. But at least now she knew.
Her dad received a call and moved. I never saw her again. But I’ll never forget the sweetness of the first kiss from an angel that walked the earth.” – Dennis, from Quora

“My first and most romantic kiss was at the local band’s concert. I went there with a bunch of friends and one of the guys was my crush. When one of my favorite songs started I asked him to dance with me. I was so scared to make the first move. And I was even more scared of what can happen afterward. But at one moment I realized that he was looking straight into my eyes and I thought it was a perfect moment. So I leaned to him and I kissed him.

At first, nothing happened. Maybe he was just shocked. But after just a second he kissed me back. We were kissing till the end of the song. We even stopped dancing and didn’t quite realized that all our friends are staring at us. The kiss lasted not more than a minute but it seemed like forever. Of course, we weren’t good kissers but we both enjoyed it at that time. When we finally stopped, our friends started screaming and clapping like we did something incredible. I couldn’t wish for a better first kiss.”  – Liz, 19

“I was 14 and Nathan was my first boyfriend. We both were too young to understand what a real relationship means, so we were just hanging out together. One day we were walking in the park and eating ice-cream. He was telling jokes and I laughed so hard that eventually I smashed the ice-cream into my cheek. He helped me to clean everything and then I realized he was standing too close to me. I had a feeling that he’ll kiss me and I started freaking out about it, ‘cause I’ve never kissed before and I didn’t want him to know that. Maybe he was thinking the same, because he hesitated a bit but then he touched my cheek, cold from the ice-cream, closed his eyes and kissed me. At first, it wasn’t nice at all. I didn’t know what to do with my lips, and where should I put my hands, and was it even necessary to close my eyes… But eventually, I relaxed and started enjoying the process. Nathan probably also felt a bit awkward but he was soft and gentle and that was all I wanted for a perfect first kiss.” – Rosie, 22

“I was 16 at that time and I’ve never kissed before. There was one guy I really liked and it seemed that he liked me back, ‘cause when we were together we always flirted with each other and our friends told us that you’d make a perfect couple. Anyway, nothing really happened, he didn’t make the first move and I was like I’m not going to do it either because I’m a girl and I’m not even sure in his feelings. So I just kept admiring him silently until one day. We went to a city festival with a big group of friends. I was hanging out with girls mostly but I caught him looking at me most of the time. At one moment he came to me and started telling me something but I didn’t quite hear that. And then the rain started. Really heavy rain. Everyone started running under the roof but he took my hand and ran in the opposite direction. I didn’t quite understand why is he doing that until he finally stopped and told me what he wanted to tell for a long time already. He had a crush on me and he wanted to date me. I was over the moon at that moment. We were all wet and I started shaking over excitement and cold but he hugged me and then gently kissed me. I was truly afraid that I will mess the things up with this kiss but I just followed his lead and relaxed so it felt really good. It wasn’t a serious kiss though. But still, it was a big moment for me.

I am still dating this guy and I will always remember my super romantic first kiss story!” – Mary, 25

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