What causes accounts to get – auto-locked – on OkCupid, OkCupid

What causes accounts to get - auto-locked - on OkCupid, OkCupid

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Blocking ads will not get your account locked, but one thing that you casually mentioned stands out – “My main account I would always access using Firefox, whereas my ",female", (test) account I almost exclusively access via. Chrome.”

Why do you have a female account? The OkCupid Terms of Service ( Terms | OkCupid ) say:

Unique and bona fide profile: You agree to create only one unique profile. In addition, in order to maintain the integrity of the Website, by joining, you agree that your use of the Website shall be for bona fide relationship-seeking purposes” – It goes on to point out that test users or data-gathering accounts are very much against the terms of use of the site.

So you have already admitted to cracking the terms of service. Have you considered that this may well be why your account is permanently locked?

The other thing is that the forum post you sent (the correct link is:

Forum / Help and FAQ / ADMIN NEEDED: Other users incapable to see my messages/find me/ talk

with me/see that I visited them

Doesn’t demonstrate an admin user doing anything to their own account – That is a normal user discussing normal user things. He will indeed have been banned for calling another user “Big Boned” and in my private opinion he’s kind of an idiot for making a fresh account and admitting it on a public forum, I am not sure that “lesson learned” means he’s learned not to insult women, or if he’s learned not to do it where he may get caught. But that’s another story 🙂 – The point is he’s not an administrator of the site. Administrator accounts don’t get banned or held for review.

Did you ever get an A-list subscription?

If not, it could be a way to “force” you to get one.

I’ve been using the same profile for Five years and never experienced anything like that.

Last year I created a brand fresh profile because I ran out of space for messages (I had over 15k inbetween sent and received! At the time you received a message if someone added to their beloved list or if they missed the talk session you embarked).

Interesting theory, but sadly I have to say that as a masculine who aggressively blocks ads, I’ve never had my account auto-locked or anything of the sort. It may be because I’ve had the same account for years and I disable/enable it when necessary rather that dumping it to make a fresh, or it could be a coincidence. I never use the OKCupid, all access is through Firefox, and from one desktop PC.

To be clear, when I say aggressively block ads, I mean I have numerous ad blocking programs that are active as well as continuously add flash, java, and elementary picture ads to the list. It’s gotten to the point where I only see profiles. I’ve even gone so far as to block some of the actual OKCupid banners and pictures.

While I don’t know what causes the auto-locking of accounts, I can tell you in my practice, it’s not due to ad-blocking. Or at least this is the situation on my account.

I will say I’ve heard that if 3–5 users report your account, OKCupid’s system will automatically lock your account with the pretense that it’s either a spam/fake account or you’re harassing other users. This I have tested and have seen work. Not telling it’s the only reason, but simply that I’ve seen this happen. It could have been an automated system or it could have been a mod/admin who was simply active at the time.

I had this problem with OKcupid , my account was only Trio days old, i attempted everything that people told me about it but nothing solved the problem, then i got the", Sorry, we',re having technical difficulties right now. Check back later", so , i Email them and ask why that was happening to my account, on the very next day they reinstate my account and since then( about Three months now) everything is working just fine.

You sound like you got around the ip ban/cookie blocking

Just email them and make a complain i assure they will fix the problem.

The ads thing as well as having numerous accounts from the same IP address could be the culprit. But the only thing that I know for sure that’ll cause your profile to ghost out is when you send too many messages in a day or too many of the same message.

So what I do is I send Three of the same message and then switch it a little bit and send again. Always in grouos of 3’s and I never send over 15 very first contacts in a day. That has always seemed to help my profile.

Lastly, I think you’re right about profile’s getting ‘stale’. On Tinder it 100% does this and the others very likely go after suit. So just delete and re-do your profile every month.

I have the exact same problem. My last Three accounts have been “frozen” and no amount of feedback or reporting helped. They never got back to me. Now, it’s true that I use an adblock on my laptop but I almost exclusively use the mobile app for my accounts, I only acesed it from my laptop after the accounts were frozen. I might have made a somewhat rude comment to a muslim fellow that said something I found offensive. 30 minutes later my account stopped working… so yeah

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