Renee :) This place is the coolest ever!

Renee :) This place is the coolest ever!

this site is joy and you get to meet a lot of kool ppl here..

Ciara Feehily

Teenage talks a place where I can go if I feel like venting frustration, discussing music or just for some ordinary boredom ease, such good talk rooms!


Teenage Talk gives me something to do in my spare time, since i have a lot of that, i can actually associate with people, instead of doing nothing.. It’s always interesting and makes the day go swifter lol 🙂


Teenage talk is awesome! The best free talk that helps me talk to women my age!


. . Well lets see, I’m here to make friends around the area i live. so if you wanna talk, hit me. :]

I met my bf in the Aus room. We both happen to live in Bundaberg and we met online and connected straight away, now we’ve been together for Two months. Meeting him was the best thing thats ever happened to me. =]

Jackie (420)

Teenage Talk is good! It’s an effortless way to meet people with similar interests and backgrounds and stuff. It’s most likely the best talk site there is. So yeah, it’s pretty sweet. Check it out.


i <,Trio teenage talk! there’s lots of kewl chatrooms for ppl of different scenes, rooms for punks, goths, emos, ect. i’ve been here on and off since i was 13 and i’ve met a lota kewl people, so thanx!


I absolutely Love Teenage Talk<,Three Ive been coming here for about a year now &, Ive made so many fresh friends, Most of which I still talk to. 😀 I Love how there is a place on the web for teenagers like me to meet &, talk with other teenagers. This site Rocks!


i love Singles talk. there is always someone to talk with* and have a joy time. XoXo


Teenage talk is joy to meet fresh people! i meet some fresh every time i get on here!

YuH Boii J0n R0n

to tell yuh the truth i thgt this wsz gnna suck but then i attempted it out and i wsz like. y0 this thing aint tht bad its acually 1 of the best talk rooms ive ever been on. lol


This is heaps mad! I have been on the for yrs. ppl are cool and always sumthin joy to talk about. made heaps of friends and it’s totally free!


Teenage Talk Is a Pretty Cool Place. You Meet So Many Fresh People, And It’s Interesting To Talk To People From Other Countries. I Only Embarked Today, But I’m Like Fully Addicted! 🙂 I have So Many Fresh Friends. Its Preventing Me From Being The Loser I Am. Wooh. x

Rachael And Alna

Alana and I Think That teenage talk is a excellent way too meet fresh people!! We have met some Awesome friends on here!! Teenage talk is always there to unbore and occupy us 🙂 Its a Bombdigity of a site. we love it!! catch us in aus talk as 2GorjusGirlies!! Thanx for the excellent site Dan!

Renee 🙂

This place is the coolest ever! I have met the most awesomest people that I can indeed relate to 🙂

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