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I love Teenage Talk. Ever since I have been on here I have met wonderful people and even commenced a family!! LOL You get to know others out there like yourself and they could be halfway around the world or just across town. but its AWESOME.


I’ve been using Teenage talk for years! I just love being able to talk to people all over the world about anything and everything. I have met several kindred spirits in the many rooms and have subsequently kept coming back for the past 8 years!


Omg! i love teenage talk because there is so many diff people you can talk to so your never bored. Its also joy when you can meet a good man and get to know each other some. Im up for almost anything soo! My name thingy is sexy stac and im usually in on of the cyber rooms so say hey sometime! Love ya MMMWAHH!

I ran into this free talk site about a month ago and I’m truly affected with the entire lay out, very effortless to navigate. What I like the most about this particular site is that you dont run into the usual spammers and bots that flood my computer with unwanted material.


Teenage talk has a diversity of different talk rooms that are suitable for all ages. I love coming on here just to make fresh friends. Its a superb place just to wander around and meet fresh people and have joy. :] Thanks so much teenage talk, keep up the good work<,Three


I was introduced to teenage talk a few years ago and I’ve been coming here regularly for a while and I love it, you meet some interesting people here. Keep it up!!

This Place Has Everything, And Anyone Your Looking For!

This place is pretty kool, i met a few fresh friends and hoping to meet some more, its safe and funn, I hope you enjoi it to :))


Hey I think that this is the best free talk website ever because its effortless to work and I have met some very nice people!

Chris Eli

Teenage talk is a elementary site, and I like ordinary. It’s quick, effortless, and a excellent way to meet fresh people like yourself. I’ve seen this site go through slew of switch over the years, it’s looking fine.


I LUV Teenage talk! it is such a cool way to meet people and a superb place to go when you need to relieve Boredom! I come on to meet fresh people because meeting fresh people is my Specialty I go any where and every where to meet fresh people!


I love these talk rooms! They’re a gr8 place to chill and talk with people like you! xxxx


Teenchat is wicked! Iv been coming here for ages now! i stoped coming in for a while but missed it too much! lol Thanks Dan for creating such a cool website for teenagers to meet fresh people all over the world! x


I just love Teenage Talk because its soo effortless to make friends and I’ve met lots of hot, sexy guys. My nickname is usualy SexyBabe, so look out – guys!


Teenage Talk is an AMAZING site! I love meeting fresh people on these talk rooms, and sometimes nice guys ,) There are people in here who believe in God as passionately as I do. Christ is in ALL of us, some of us just haven’t found him yet, therefore they believe that he’s not there. I believe that if we work together, we can create an amazing switch in our communities!

TeenChat is indeed excellent, I met most of my closest friends here.

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