Three Answers – How does dating differ today than it did Ten years ago? 20 years ago?

3 Answers - How does dating differ today than it did 10 years ago? 20 years ago?

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  • People have Facebook accounts and other online social network accounts. For people who are active on online social networks, a lot more information about a person',s interests and past activity are available to people of romantic interest. I witnessed this transformation happen when I was in college and Facebook was just for college kids. It was very strange to see mutual friends, pictures, and status updates of any potential mates. Now this is the fresh normal, at least for people in my demographic.
  • You can plan a rendezvous last minute as many people access to a cell phone with GPS and the internet.
  • A lot of communication happens via texting. People talk on the phone less.
  • There are many fresh ambient methods of communication inbetween people. Social games such as Words With Friends can pack in the void of ever feeling like you are alone.
  • A lot of communication happened via AIM (AOL instant messenger). As smartphones with internet were not as common, people communicated through desktop computers connected to the internet.
  • You could tell a lot about the person you were dating if they had a livejournal or xanga. These were the days of the infancy of individual blogs. Looking back on it, since people didn',t know the ramifications of putting private thoughts online yet — a lot of individual information was collective in these blogs. I find that uploading photos on Facebook and brief status updates have substituted this method of expression for many people.
  • People would talk on the phone a lot more. SMS texting was around but it still wasn',t a mainstream method of communicating long conversations.

Switches in technology in the past decade have switched the way people communicate. This has affected the way people form and maintain relationships.

Neither of us blog so whatever we know about each other we know because we',ve told each other the things. We don',t truly engage in indeed modern activities. The things we do are Ten years old or older.

He works at the university I attend. Instead of emailing him a nice message I slip a lump of paper on his door or leave it on his desk if I',m in his office after he has left.

He is 25 and I',m 20. We',ve been dating for 20 months. We have a solid relationship that has lasted through some intense trials and it has only gotten stronger.

I have noticed with my peers that are implementing technology that it is not as good as it may seem. They are ALWAYS connected. They speak on the phone often and if they',re not speaking on the phone they are texting each other. They don',t give each other space.

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