I know all details how they operate.

I know all details how they operate.

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191 &lsquo,Anastasia Date&rsquo, Reviews

Yep. not sure

The jury is still out on this site. but i want to give them the benefit of my doubts.

In person meeting scam

I was in Europe on business and determined to go to Ukraine to meet the ladies I communicated with on Anastasia Date. In two different meetings with agency transiliator and a lady I was directed to the same over priced restaurant in Odessa.

The meal was Three to Four times normal price for similar restaurant, and even over priced for a Five starlet meal that i had in another Ukrainian city with friends a week earlier.

Idiot me once, idiot me twice not to be fooled three times.

When I contacted “live-chat customer service” I received the following:

Anastasia Live Support

May I willingly ask how this meeting has relevance to the services we provide, L****** ?

I would like to graciously inform you that AnastasiaDate does not suggest a service which can permit us to arrange or monitor meetings which happen inbetween you and members of the site.

You have left the conversation. To resume talk please send another message.

Do not waiste your money on AD.

Clever Guys Stay Away

The only thing good about this site is the interface and the way it functions. It is ten times overpriced and the women as mentioned in other reviews seem to thrust you to talk as long as possible about nothing. Even the older than 20s something women have the process down. I believe they are trained and educated on the policies so thats why they go after them because they believe they will get kicked off from the site. Yes, I believe a good portion of them get paid from their agencies, not the site itself.

I think the site reviewers like site jabber should have supplemental blogs next to the reviews for users of the actual sites. Eventually it will get around what this site truly is because you can get better from Maxim, Playboy and Penthouse if your indeed horny. Concentrate on your home women even however they aren’t as esthetically pleasing overall.

Scam, scam, scam

All good looking woman and models profiles on this site are false. This is a fact! They get paid for displaying photos ot movies and have a private life, AD ist just business. Most likely over 50% also borow their identity.

I leave high possibility that some older and average looking woman are true, but this doesnt switch fact about site.

I spent over 400€ on live talk but dont not know with whom I was talking?? Maybe with man, . is also possible.

Beautifull Ljudmila allmost cut her venes because of love for me, but jet she was allways on line also after long talking with me.

She dreamed presents, gifts, but jet didnt want to talk on skype or other free talks.

Im 100% shure that she was also parallel chating with more victims like me.

I was never so f. up in my life, and believe me Im very experienced with womans.

I attempted later Free Fdating just to verify response, since on AD I got every day 50 talk invitations from top models. and get reply from 5-6 average looking woman from ukraine and russia.

Save your money and get away from this site, or buy your self a style magasine or playboy and talk for free with it, its much cheaper, and more true as AD.

It most undoubtedly is a scam. They use a fake billing address for starters.

Anastasiadate is a total scam. I know all details how they operate

Anastasiadate is a total scam. I know all details how they operate. I get at lot of talk invitations from anxious woman, even however my profile is empty, with no informations. Most of their profiles are stolen or bought model photos. Or they pay the women to talk with guys, just to steal more money from stupid dudes. I know this for a fact, because many of the women have told me. I have direct contact with some of the women on VK. Many of the women are already married or have bf’s or are top models, who would never go on dating sites. This is a total Ten million dollar scam. They do not want the dudes to get direct contact, their complicated rules are not there to protect anyone, only to steal more money from the fellows.

Big Scam!

This site is dedicated to separating studs from their money.

You will have no trouble finding women on this site to communicate with.

Be it by letters, or on-line talk, there will be slew of beautiful women who are willing to communicate with you.

The letters are expensive, talk is expensive and is charged by the minute

Talk is the preferred method of the women on this site for communication.

And to the finical benefit of the site (and possibly the women on the site), talk is also the most expensive form of communication.

The women always encourage you to talk more, thus enhancing the income to the Anastasia site.

Should you want to attempt to communicate out side of the site, or meet, the women are very uncooperative!

I have attempted to make arrangements to meet several women at their home city.

Many do not want to meet. Their reason is, even tho’ we have been in talk for months (and spending much money on the site talk service) they say we have not been in communication long enough to meet. But they are very blessed for me to proceed paying for the expensive Anastasia Agency talk service.

The few who have agreed to a meeting in their city have all found a way to prevent it.

It starts by me requesting them to give me their contact information, when I do, their response no, they say all I need to do is to just showcase up in their city and it will all work out.

I have requested the woman go to their local city’s agency office and ask the staff how we can exchange contact information before I travel thousands of miles and spend thousands of dollars for a meeting. There response is usually 1.) They have no office in their city. Two.) They did and the office staff says to “just display up”. Trio.) She is busy now but will visit the local office “next week”.

But there will be NO exchange of contact information before I arrive in their city – I am expected to travel to their city with the hope that somehow, the doll will find you and contact me!!

This site and the women on it do everything possible to take your money and to ensure you never meet, thus ensuring maximum income for the Anastasia Agency.

(However I cannot say with any certainty, I get the impression that the ladies share in the profits of this site. I say this because the women do nothing to encourage outside communication or meeting.

They always encourage more expensive communication using the Anastasia Agency site – such as Talk and sending overtly over priced gifts. And as I wrote above, the women make no effort to meet, just spend more money using the site’s services.)

I have met with some of the ladies. In my cases, I found that they are real people. However, some have been super cold and some seemed to have no idea who I was. In each case, $25/hour goes to the interpreter for the date. The damsel gets at least $Ten/hour of this to date you plus whatever you spend on her for meals. Attempt going to Ukraine for 4-5 days to date the same lady. See how long they will stay out of the shopping mall! So yes, the damsel is making $Ten/hour to date you in Ukraine. She only shows up when she wants to.

The worst is that they have no true feelings for you at all. They may treat you as a friend, but you will not be more, and you will not ever be invited to their apartment, see their other friends, or see the place where they work. None of that.

Be Very Careful.

I have to say that this is the only place to find true reviews of anastasia date. I’m 39, divorced with kids. I know how difficult it’s to find a semi attractive woman on ANY date site here in US. What makes us fellows think that all these beauties from Russia, with no baggage and entire life in front of them would just want to marry us, guys with milage and baggage? Because we are Americans? Oh wow! That explains everything. Who wouldn’t want to marry an American? Right? Wrong. Like someone mentioned earlier, there are slew of rich, good looking fellows in Russia or Ukraine. Why would a model from Ukraine age Legitimate come here to become a housewife for a Fat fellow that scarcely makes 80k a year? Response is No way! Not even for a better way of life and future. And 2nd, I’ve been absolutely bombarded by messages from beauties from anastasia and not one of them is ugly or fat! Now, I’ve received some messages on pof or okcupid but Never from a chick looking like a model. And i have received 160 messages on Anastasia all from hot beauties. Let’s put another myth to sleep, not all eastern European women are pretty. I come from eastern Europe so i know alright! The only difference inbetween here and there is that women are fat here and less fat over there and i mean there are some ugly fatties over there too! But trust me, there are slew of ugly women in Ukraine! I haven’t spent a dime on Anastasia date because i know it’s a scam very likely run by mafia. For some reason they have some good reviews on web so guys are buying it and wasting money. I don’t want to insult anyone. but i would have be an Idiot to spend $20, 40, 100 or any amount of dollars for this bullshit. Hey listen, are you lonely and want to bang a european hotty? Do yourself a favor, go to Amsterdam, crimson light district. Get a hooker for duo hundred cuz this is as close as you’ll ever get to the European beauty. And they’ve got slew of them there. Money well spent.


What can anybody say about a dating site that is making millions of dollars a year from naive mean, especially Americans.

This heinous company is run by the Russian Mafia, and the bastards are still permitted to stream their stinking criminal operation

to American via the Internet. I have attempted several times to contact the Attorney General’s Office, Internet Security and even Homeland Security. But anything one person says, falls on deaf ears.

What needs to be done ,, is the thousands of boys that get scammed should get together , and file a class activity law suit against these bastards so the US government eventually takes notice and closes them streaming their scam to US homes. So many guys here give their crazy testimonials about this heinous scam site, but no one is ready to take charge and organize every fellow that has been scammed to file a 100 million dollar law suit about these fucker Russians! Every damn female in there is a paid worker!

This is ONLY a job to these bitches and nothing else. You see them everyday talking away for hours. Then their shift is over,, and another set of bitches get online. It is funny, but the busiest time for these bitches is from 8 to 12 AM EST which in Ukraine is

Funniest part is if you post a fake profile of yourself that you are 85 years old , widower and no other info, you still get hundreds of messages in your inbox from Eighteen year olds. Plus they all fucking pop up begging you to talk.. If any man with half a brain believes this shit, then you deserve to get fucked for your money..

These bitches all have VK profiles , which is the Facebook of Former Soviet Union. Attempt talking to the same chick you spoke on Anastasia on VK.. They will block you.


Copy and paste работа брачное агентство (Russian for Work Brides) into Google search and read AnastasiaDate advertising job vacancies in both Russia and Ukraine for local translators to work as Work Brides scamming lonely foreigners. And advertising payment and commission to local models for a profession photo shoot to create clean profiles to be used by the Work Brides to scam lonely foreigners.

Copy and paste работа брачное агентство (Russian for Work Brides) into Google search and read AnastasiaDate advertising job vacancies in both Russia and Ukraine for local translators to work as Work Brides scamming lonely foreigners. And advertising payment and commission to local models for a profession photo shoot to create clean profiles to be used by the Work Brides to scam lonely foreigners.

Anastasia is like agency to pay woman of ukraine

I belonged to anastasia date for about 2015-2016 over 1 year. I exchanged contact details with two different woman. When i did not buy them gifts for their bday, both woman no longer like me? And one from Kharkov, named Kristina has her name on many social networks. vk, facebook, etc. i do think most of the woman here join to make money from agencies only, finding a spouse is most likely not real! Its funny because in usa, Dr. phil endorsed them without truly even checking into whether or not they are legitamite. yes the site is sad for a man to go, sad to see his money stay with him. i think the best thing to meet someone is on site which is cheaper that does not charge for live talks. Two credits for one minute. Way more than other sites!!

It',s obviously a scam..

On websites like or its affiliates (like amolatina, russian brides, asiandate etc) There are some women who are honestly looking for a man to marry. They don’t work through agencies, but this is fairly uncommon. (very very uncommonly there are also women who create a profile through agencies and truly search for a man of her life) But please keep in mind that they’re looking for youthfull, well-off guys (the accepted age difference would be maximum Ten years except in indeed uncommon cases when the woman is truly desperate to get out of the country and it is only if you’re magnificent enough regardless of such an age difference of about ten years)

In most cases: Women create a profile and get a percentage from their agency, which gets most likely about 10% from websites like this (therefore, harshly speaking, for 1000 dollars that the victim spends, 100 goes to the agency that the dame works for and the dame very likely gets around Ten dollars. Very little. That’s why, they’ve created a system of pyramid, whereby a man/woman who finds 20 damsels to create profiles becomes a manager and then gets a higher percentage. And as you get to higher positions you get more. The best is of course to open is your own dating agency and find damsels who’d work for you.

But then again are you indeed a victim if you are truly ready to spend so much money on a lady even however you know that she won’t be yours? I reminisce how people in the US spend/squander so much money gambling (in Reno or Las Vegas..) and they seem to be liking it.. So, maybe, those guys indeed want to squander their money and have some improvised, ephemeral happiness. However, if you aren’t one of those guys, please be careful. Getting heartbroken and losing faith in humans is indeed irreparable..

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