Single man dating

Single man dating



Breakups, make-,ups, disappointments, and disasters—nobody warned you love would be like this. After all, if every man truly wants to get married, why aren’t they marrying you? And where exactly did the romance go now that Prince Charming scarcely pays attention to you anymore?

As it turns out, dudes are more unpredictable than their reputation would have you believe. It takes a lot to hold their attention, and guys tend to lose interest in romantic fucking partners when they stop being, well. interesting.

So what indeed goes on in the masculine psyche when it comes to romantic relationships? If you’ve ever dreamed a peek inwards the minds of real dudes, this is your chance. Single Man, Married Man brings together eight dudes from eight different worlds— single, married, engaged, and divorced—as they reaction questions and share their unique insights about love and marriage.

The result is a groundbreaking look at the thoughts and feelings of a diverse group of guys with answers to those searing questions you’ve never been able to ask—and surprising information that will forever convert the way you look at relationships.



“It’s very refreshing to read the viewpoints of such a diversity of fellows. I’m sure ladies will appreciate this book.”

-, Natasha (San Francisco, CA)

“Great mix of private practices and applicable

advice, truly loved this read”

-, Shirley (Greensboro, NC)

“I love books that stimulate my mind, while reading Single Man Married Man I defiantly had some of those “ah ha” moments when these guys gave their opinions on some of my relationship questions.”

-,Yvonne (Baltimore, MD)

",I found myself agreeing &, caught myself telling ‘Yes, Yes’ a few times while reading some parts of this book”

-, Cindy (Atlanta, GA)

“ See ladies all dudes don’t think alike! Book truly helps you re-,evaluate what it is you are truly looking for in a relationship”


", This groundbreaking book is a result of compiled answers and opinions from surveyed questions asked by women to single, married, and divorced fellows. ",


Jean Alerte is an award-,winning entrepreneur with a multitude of work practice in the areas of marketing, management, and sales. Along with founding his company Alerte, Carter and Associates, he has produced comedy concerts and tours for acts such as Chris Tucker and Kevin Hart. He also serves as the executive director of the Unity in the Community Foundation of Brooklyn, Fresh York where he has given out $23,000 to high school students to attend college. Originally from Port au Prince, Haiti, Alerte presently resides in Brooklyn with his wifey, with whom he opened the Brooklyn Swirl frozen yogurt shop in 2012.

Rae Holliday is the co-,creator and editor of the blog Stuff Fly People Like, the editor-,at-,large of Blue Magazine, and a content contributor to Uptown Magazine and His branding rock-hard, The Holliday Agency, has Jay-,Z and Beyonce among its top-,gifting clients, and he can be seen as a regular style accomplished and panelist on BET’s 106 &, Park.

Frank Gateau is a managing fucking partner and vp media director for Alerte, Carter and Associates, where he produces and directs movie productions and branded media for a multitude of businesses and professionals. For more than a decade, he has worked with major brands in the worlds of sports, high-,end style, and lifestyle trends—including serving as the brand ambassador for Julian Casimir Jewelry.

Jickael Bazin is the cofounder of ACA Communications, an interactive distribution and individual development rock-hard. A divorced single parent to his daughter, Anais, he serves as a business resource consultant for the Do Right Do Good Scholarship Award and as an analyst for one of North America’s largest distribution companies.

Kel Spencer is an American Music Award-,winning songwriter who has written for and with artists including Wyclef Jean, Mary J. Blige, and Will Smith. Recently accepted into the elite group of BET Music Matters artists, Spencer has penned culture writings for companies including AEON Magazine, BET, and Centric TV online, as well as a broad range of successful theme songs and commercial jingles.

Pervis Taylor III is an in-,request life coach, inspirational speaker, and author of the bestselling Pervis Principles book series. Originally signed as an actor-,model to Wilhelmina Models, he has a background in the music and entertainment industries, but found his calling in caring for the souls of others. A contributor to the websites and, he is also the creator of the inspirational life coach app I-,Inspire.

Zangba Thomson is the author of Three Black Boys: Tomorrow After Supper and The Hotep Brother Manuscript, as well as the coauthor of Do Right Do Good. A seasoned screenwriter, he serves as creative director at Bong Mines Entertainment, LLC, and as Fresh York’s life coach examiner at, where he contributes a broad range of motivational articles.

Dj Fadelf, is a world traveled tour/lifestyle dj and official dj for 3x Grammy winners The Product G&,B, model, songwriter and fitness trainer. Entrepreneur at heart, Fadelf is also the Holder-,Operator of Luxe Sound Entertainment, a professional entertainment company that provides Djs, bands and photographers for all occa-, sions ranging from celebrity &, political events, down to private birthdays and sweet 16s. Fadelf has garnered guest, mix-,demonstrate slots on Fresh York’s radio stations Hot 97 and 107.Five WBLS and featured in several notable magazines and websites. As a Philanthropist, Fleet dj and Fit Radio dj it’s safe to say Dj Fadelf is a renaissance man to be observed.

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