This has got to be the best free talk rooms on the net!

This has got to be the best free chat rooms on the net!

teenage talk is the best free talk! been the best free talk for years and many more.


Teenage talk has to be the best free talk site I have ever been on. I have been on here for many years and it is top of the list for when I want to meet fresh people..keep it up guys, indeed good job

nathan porter

Teenage talk is superb! You can meet lots of joy people to talk to and just talk to. All the people on teenage talk are fine! This has got to be the best free talk rooms on the net!


this place is the best site, u get to meet fresh people and tingz. there place place to go if ur bore of 1 place and others make u feel welcomm

hey! All the free talk rooms are awesomely good and I met so many cool people! I hope you liked it as much as i did!


I love these talk rooms. They are very effortless to use and joy to be in. Almost everyone here is nice and will talk to you, I come here almost every day and have been coming for awhile, met a lot of fresh friends, its just cool


I love to meet fresh people around the world, cause Im kind of a multicultural stud, so teenchat is good!! keep improving it!


Hey guys, this talk room is indeed joy. You get to meet fresh people.. I usually get on with my friends, and we talk to people. This is indeed neat.! Talk to me.


this site is funn..i come here like everyday and i get to meet alot of neww plz..and all


Teenage Talk is pretty cool. I haven’t found a free talk site like this anywhere else on the net. Its just constant activity and Drama! Romance and comedy. Everything mixed in together.


dis site is kool thanx dan for making dis site i’ve been to other ones but they suck i’ve been going here for a year n man i’m stuck to it


Okay. I’ve been coming onto TeenChat for over five years. I love this site. Sadly as it is, it’s like my home away from home. I’ve met some truly good people on this here site. ^.^ And those people, are my friends. xD So.. Peace TC.

This place is off the chain! I’ve met cool people and when there’s nothing to do u can always come here!


Yeah im wacky, and here I can still be wacky. I get bored lightly and I can just come to these talk rooms and chill and things are better, lol. =p

joy hangout and fine way to meet people from across the globe.

Raimee <,Trio

teenage talk is awesome i meet heaps of fine people on here baha I’ve had the funniest conversations in the talk rooms lol

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