SexyAds Adult Personals

SexyAds Adult Personals

Whether you’re looking for a long-term relationship, casual hookup playmate or simply a lot of joy,

we want SexyAds to be your fresh online home.

SexyAds was one of the very very first adult dating sites on the net.

Join the chatrooms and videochat or just browse the ads.

SexyAds’ Articles – Love!

One of the most honoring and sexy ways a man can be pleasured is when a woman adores his man sausage. Therefore, if you want to make your man smile from his soul, you need to entirely and meticulously ADORE his jizz-shotgun. Utter Article

So You’re Fresh to Talk? by Pixie

As a long time chatter at SexyAds, I have often been asked questions by fresh members on how to use the Java (Browser based) talk. Total Article

Learning Forms by Matt Hayden

",Broad-minded.", Interesting term, isn’t it? For some it means ",intellectually nosey.", For others it means ",sexually adventurous.", Me? I see it in both senses, which I think is the wisest option. I’ll tell you why. Total Article

Planning a Sway Party by Brandon Tanner

Hosepipe off the patio or deck, set up the Hawaiian torches, clean up the barbecue and stock up on food and drink. It’s time for a serious swing-party! Total Article

Magic Personified by WiseWoman

Real or make-believe. that is the question. Can we find a way to determine if the person we are falling for online is REAL?? This is one question that comes to mind a lot in online connections, be it emails or instant messages, and is peculiar to ONLY online communications. Utter Article

Honestly, I’m not that youthfull anymore. I’ve been out of college for more than four years, and the old adage about spring turning boys (and women) fancy to lovemaking seems more suited to high school (and perhaps college) students. Total Article

I often hear women complain that guys don’t think enough. Me? I’ve always had the opposite problem. I think too much. This causes no trouble much of the time. Now, as I write these words, it’s an asset, of course. But in the bedroom? It’s a major liability. Utter Article

You Don’t Pay for Hookup? (Think Again) by Brandon Tanner

You may not leave $300.00 on the dresser or in a cup on the coffee table, but ultimately, you pay for hookup. How much did dinner and a movie cost? What about that nice bounty and the bottle of good wine? Don’t leave behind a bouquet of flowers or half dozen fresh roses. Utter Article

An old friend of mine (we’ll call him Luke here because he said he wished to remain anonymous) was tired of being single and sick of having to hit the bars and clubs every Saturday night in an attempt to meet women. Naturally, I suggested he sign up with SexyAds (I am nothing if not a loyal and dedicated employee).

The Art of Eating Labia by WiseWoman

There is nothing that makes a woman more unique than her cooter. Vaginas come in all different sizes, colors and shapes. Some are tucked inwards and some have thick sugary lips that come out to greet you. Utter Article

Oral Hook-up by Brandon Tanner

Providing oral lovemaking to a woman (for hours) is a fantasy. You want to believe most women can’t get enough of it – wrong! Sorry guys, it just isn’t so. Read on &, I’ll explain why: Utter Article

The Value of Chemistry by WiseWoman

Are you questioning the validity of chemistry and it’s value to your next potential relationship? Do you believe that you cannot have a successful long term, physical/sexual/emotional relationship with a person with whom you have NO chemistry? Total Article

Manhandle it or lose it! by Matt Hayden

One of the most interesting aspects of the lovemaking drive is how it pertains to other areas of life. I’ve discovered some amazing facts about how schtupping (or the lack thereof) can influence people’s physical and mental well-being. Total Article

Online Love by WiseWoman

Falling in love online can be as fully emotionally real as falling in love in real time. It seems utterly ditzy to think that we can give our hearts to someone we have never even met in person, and yet, it happens a million times a day on the internet. Total Article

Beware Of Those Who Cheat by Brandon Tanner

Loren and I conducted extensive research on sexually-intensive individual ads on the Internet. Actually, Loren did most of the work. We felt it more adequate to have the female-to-female contact regarding the issue of suggesting open sexual involvement through an ad on the Web. Total Article

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