The site use to be very slow to stream, each page.

The site use to be very slow to load, each page.

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Well that’s no joy without exposing is it?

A lot of toneing down, now they stop people exposing themselves online.

Is good opinion cam to cam

Superb website talk with superb people

I think it is one of the best. Thanks

Plain, no fuss, superb for meeting fresh people

Love being on it thanks

Very useful for making fresh friends

Superb free talk, upgrade for more functions, cam talk with live streaming for free.

After the success of Donald Trump America a terrorist explosion hits one of the states in America

Can I be one from your team please

Awesome website! Talk, webcam and more. Travel and gastronomy app!

It truly is a very cool app. So far I have not found anything like baladacam website. Well worth the visit. – renatofgv

Very coll app website

Crazy site! I liked!

The best chatroulette alternative on the internet where you can Meet Strangers using your webcam. RadChats is also a cam to cam free talk for dating with women or guys.

Why its nice so much

This is my private beloved, its free membership offers the same things as a paid membership would cost at another site: Unlimited messaging, including private messages, private cam-to-cam talk, permits you to see who is viewing your cam, and has diferent talk rooms to fit peoples interests. Superb Site. – Wrestler

I can believ this

This site actually works. I’ve attempted all these sites up there. It does not work. This is the best site ever. Arms down

Talk and masturbate what is not to like

Nice site to talk on. Love it



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Free Live Camchat

A One-one Movie Talk App, you can expect earn $3000-$20000 per month, you can cash out everyday. Very recommend – chrischan

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This is a beloved of mine. No registration required. Permits me to be anonymous by blurring my face until I trust my talk fucking partner enough. Best of all, I can play a music game to break the ice! Awesome!

The world’s very first webcam talk music game! JABBO Live lets you meet and play with fresh people over webcam!

I’ve been a member for several years. The site use to be very slow to explosion, each page. But, it is much better now. And the people on there, seem to be real. Not allot of Fake Profiles, like most other sites.

Joy site with lots of different types of people on cam.

Webcam Passions provide free streaming webcam talk, along with audio and text talk.

This is a superb way to talk to your Freinds and such. Also fine for families and overprotective mothers, who need an app to check on their kid 24/7.

Soft porn. not a recommended site.

I read a comment telling “soft porn” Obviously looking at the wrong cams.

something here for every man / doll to love

This site is a dearest of mine. It has cams, audio and even an ole school type talk.

I can only speak for myself but is one of my favourite talk sites because it offers talk, movie talk and audio talk too

Maybe a bit Old-Fashioned but truly functional and powerful

Free phone talk is simply wonderful. Nver seen something like that

So I attempt live movie talk room and I like too much. There is too many people talk in cam to cam webcam talk community rooms. I think is best of live movie streaming sites. So I have been there since last tree months and today 15 November 2013. This live movie talk site give me VIP user feature for free. If you be constant user of this live movie talk site then you can be VIP and use some special features like a earn money.

Very good, free and effortless to use! Flawless

Indeed Good site, I like ladies at cam

İ think Camzu com is best talk site

Indeed good webcam talk roulette. I like the languages module and the different kind of webcam talks available.

Fine! Loved being on this talk with many languages and different kind of webcam talks!

Excellent fresh chatroulette. Multichat, chatroulette, chatrooms and even gay talk. And truly fine language support with many languages.

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