Where are the ugly people Free Dating, Singles and Personals

Where are the ugly people Free Dating, Singles and Personals

All the dating sites want a face photo so what about these people how do they find someone?

I find dating sites a bit offencive – everyone is judged on looks. An ugly or disfigured person person can still be a wonderfull human being.

On all the dating site sites everyone is flawless but in the real world most people are average like me

Profiles like peoples job aplication CVs are just too slick and flawless.

Same as food in shops – always the best quality, so who sells all the 2nd quality food?

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I’ve got slew of stuff going for me. if . that is. IF. someone would react and engage in a conversation.

* Holding forearm over mouth *

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My very first spouse was certainly not magnificent but always had good looking girlfriends, his personality was fantastic. We all have faults, some are just more visible than others.

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1. I would take off the picture with your cat – it may be a bit of a turn off.

Two. One of your photos mentions photography, play that up a little more on your profile.

Trio. Take out the bit about race, age ect. It may be seen as a little detrimental, just say what you are looking for, don’t mention the other things.

Four. Talk about yourself at the embark, talk about your work maybe and who you are as a person, rather than your trips, mention them more shortly later on, it is a more of a conversation starter if you don’t mention to much.

Five. Have pictures of you smiling, a glad and enthusiastic face is more attractive.

6. End your profile with a quote maybe, from someone you love reading about?

7. For your very first date I would add in a more serious line.

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