You can create your profile and even receive matches but you don&rsquo,t see their profile photos and cannot begin a decent conversation with them.

You can create your profile and even receive matches but you don&rsquo,t see their profile photos and cannot start a proper conversation with them.

A hugely popular site that brings people together through compatibility matching. The ideal site if for those who choose a helping mitt.

The way we see it at the Which Online Dating office, there are two types of daters out there. There are those who are driven by their ideals: they know exactly what they want, who they&rsquo,re looking for and what his or her credentials and characteristics should be. They go to a dating site with a clear idea of what they&rsquo,re searching for so don&rsquo,t need much guidance or mitt holding. And then there are those people who are not totally sure or are more limber about who their ideal match indeed is. They need some help looking, they want to be pointed in the right direction, maybe they even believe that the excellent big unknowns of &ldquo,fate&rdquo, or &ldquo,fate&rdquo, could step in and guide them to that one and only match. Whatever the reason, we believe that eHarmony was created for those types of daters and is why it&rsquo,s been so successful for so many years.

A matchmaking service based on who you are and what you want

Indeed, if you find online searching a bit grueling and going through hundreds of profiles a waste of time and energy, why don&rsquo,t you let the system do the work for you? It indeed is ingenious the way eHarmony picks out matches for you and from our own extensive practice we can assure you: they will attempt and match you with compatible dates, taking into consideration what it is that you&rsquo,re looking for in that special someone and what kind of characteristics are significant to you. All you have to do, is go through the selected profiles (there will be a petite bunch of them delivered to you daily) and determine if and who you would like to contact them.

eHarmony takes the search out of online dating and does it for you

There&rsquo,s no search at eHarmony. That&rsquo,s right &ndash, you can&rsquo,t just browse through all the profiles and pick out the cherries. How does it work then? Well, basically it all boils down to creating your profile just right. That involves answering a multiplicity of relationship questions about the things you like and dislike in a fucking partner, your interests, values, habits, beliefs etc. On the basis of this, the computer creates a sort of &ldquo,ideal match&rdquo, for you and all the users will be compared against it to find the closest matches to what your preferences are. According to e-Harmony, they take into account 29 different dimensions of compatibility and have based this system on 35 years of clinical research.

Creating your profile and communicating on eHarmony

Creating your profile will take a bit of time but consider it time well spent. A truly comprehensive and thorough profile won&rsquo,t just make it that much lighter for the system to pair you up, but the paying customers with the Total Connect plan will also provide you with a deep analysis profile. There are a lot of boxes to tick and a lot of spaces where to write in as well but the result will be worth it, so we suggest you invest some time in it. It sounds daring, but it&rsquo,s actually pretty straightforward, fairly easygoing and very concise. If you look at other people&rsquo,s profiles later, you will get a better idea of how the entire thing looks on your profile page and can also take your time and work out the best answers to questions you consider most significant. The profiles are amazingly effortless to read &ndash, while they actually hold a lot of information, they are not cluttered and overpowering. After all &ndash, what you want is a person in a nutshell not a philosophical essay on someone&rsquo,s beliefs and values.

That said, eHarmony isn&rsquo,t only for all the &ldquo,serious daters&rdquo, out there, looking for a spouse or wifey to spend eternity with. You don&rsquo,t have to be dead serious about every question if you don&rsquo,t want to. Reminisce: your page says a lot about you and in eHarmony it will be your only chance to spark that very first glitch of interest. So if you choose to be playful rather than go by the book you will most likely only build up by it.

While there is no search, there are still several options that make the site more interesting to you once you have had your very first matches delivered to you. You can either embark talking to them through the secure eHarmony email right away (and they even provide you with a brief list of possible things to talk about &ndash, your similarities and such like) or you can send them an icebreaker or a set of multiple-choice questions of your own choosing. It&rsquo,s truly up to you how you want to treatment getting to know them, but if taking that very first step is hard for you, eHarmony will certainly extend their arm to you to help.

eHarmony Secure Call and ID veridication features

Another absolutely excellent feature is eHarmony&rsquo,s Secure Call feature. For a puny extra fee of $Five.95 a month for Basic subscription users or a big fat nothing for Total Connect Plan users you can request a phone call with your match and speak to them on your own home or mobile without having to expose your phone number.

E-Harmony isn&rsquo,t one of those hi-tech websites that have all kinds of different web and movie talk options available with tons of extra features to play with. Nope, it&rsquo,s pretty basic but it&rsquo,s got one yam-sized advantage: it is very trustworthy. Because of the way it&rsquo,s been geared up, you can rest assured that there are very few timewasters here. Your money and time are well invested and they even suggest an ID-verification to Total Connect Plan subscribers, which verifies your name, city and age so your matches indeed know you exist. And vice versa.

The thickest disadvantage eHarmony has, is that it doesn&rsquo,t suggest much for non-paid clients. You can create your profile and even receive matches but you don&rsquo,t see their profile photos and cannot embark a decent conversation with them. It&rsquo,s not the cheapest site either but every now and then they do have free communication weekends when you can see and talk to any matches on the site, so if you&rsquo,re not truly sure eHarmony is for you, we advise you keep your eyes open for a free weekend and truly take advantage of that. Check our Online Dating Blog for the latest eHarmony offers and updates.

Pros and Cons

If you&rsquo,re serious about online dating but don&rsquo,t truly know what exactly you&rsquo,re looking for, the site will do half the work for you.

There is not a lot you can do if you don&rsquo,t like any of the matches the system finds for you (but how likely is that?). No option to sign up for 1 month.

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