What You Should Know When Dating a Quiet Guy

At first, we want to assure you that there is nothing bad dating a quiet guy. Statistics show that girls tend to like shy guys. They will probably hide this fact about themselves but subconsciously girls are just drawn to introverts and shy guys. There is a kind of mystery in them which you have to puzzle out immediately.  

So if you have decided to date a quiet guy, here are the facts you should know about them:

  • Unfortunately, shy guys consider themselves as sexually unattractive. You will hardly find a quiet guy being self-confident and sexually experienced. The truth is you will most likely have to teach him lots of stuff.
  • Underestimate issue. Those guys can be smart, funny and really caring, but they will still underestimate themselves. That’s in their nature.
  • You will always have to make the first step. Just get ready for this. And that’s not a bad thing actually, it feels nice to know you control the situation 😉
  • If you are interested in something – ask. Otherwise, you may never know things about him. He’s unlikely to tell you what bothers him, but if you play nice, you’ll become a person he’ll trust his issues.
  • It will take time before he gets used to your friends and family. Quiet guys are not very sociable so make sure you are patient and not rushing things.
  • Dating a quiet guy is dating a thinker. He can control his thoughts and emotions and knows what to say or text. A phrase can take time cause he thinks well before saying, and that’s okay. But if this guy puts an emoji in a text you can be 100% sure he means it.
  • If a shy guy likes you, you mean a world to him. It relates to just friends too. These people tend to be the best friends ever, although they do not have any themselves.
  • The quiet guy doesn’t need to dominate. Some women are really fond of shy guys because domination is not what they need. These guys let their woman dominate thus making a great balance in their couple.
  • Shy guys are really good listeners. Sometimes when you forget what you said before he will remind you will all the details. So watch your mouth 😉
  • He’s a mystery. So you can discover new things about your boyfriend over and over! That’s an amazing thing about relationships and most of the couples don’t have it.
  • And the best thing – he still feels nervous around you after some time. Isn’t that adorable?

As you see dating a quiet guy can be challenging but our idea is that it’s really worth it. Don’t hesitate and give him a chance, he will thank you after 😉

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