Getting Married

Getting Married

My fiance and I do not belong to a church and we are having a raunchy time finding someone to marry us within our budget. We indeed cant aford to pay a pastor/minister more than 75$. If we were to go through a “Marriage officiant” their standard fee is 200$! <,<,(What the courthouse pastors costs for on-site weddings) Can anyone help me out with some contact info. We truly want to find someone. meet with them and talk to them about it soon since the wedding is May 19th!

We all ready contacted the courthouse and it wont work. They are costly to do an on-site wedding and we have all ready sent out invitations and the wedding is to be outdoors (in Independence, MO) with reception directly after, so we wont be able to switch any of those plans. We simply need someone to demonstrate up and get us hitched 🙂

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So What Happened?

We found someone!! I had actually called my pastor form the church I grew up in. he Christened and Babtised me. and now he is going to marry me! I left a message on his home phone last week and he just called me letting me know that no one got him the message until then. We are truly excited and I am so grateful for all of your awesome advice and contact information you gave to help us out! Thanks so much!

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Very first of all. CONGRATULATIONS. My sister was in the same situation a duo of years ago, so my brother got certified to marry them on the internet. It was a lot more meaningful and pretty neat. I dont have info for you but you may attempt to google this. I will attempt to get info and get back to you.

Hi, I have a indeed nice man who works for me that is an ordained minister. He said he may be interested and I could pass along his name and number to you. His name is Mark Hull and his number is

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