Living with Psoriasis Free Dating, Singles and Personals

Living with Psoriasis Free Dating, Singles and Personals

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wish u all the best

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I have always considered myself a stable person but after spending many nights scraping my skin off in my sleep I could relate and understand how people chose suicide. Complicating things I work with my forearms so they naturally take a hammering. Doctors blamed my job, environment, diet, stress, laundry soap, shampoos, clothing types, clothing material, pets. you name it. I attempted that skin zinc stuff but it didnt help either. Bottom line was nobody seemed to be able to fix me up. In dersperation I was referred to an old fellow in an old style Apothocary. He took a look at me and said to flow up on omega 3-6-9 and milk thistle. Attempt to get the best quality supplements you can. Some of the discount brands are made from base ingredients out of china and may do more harm than good. The omega 3-6-9 must be taken in large amounts maybe Ten to 20 capsules at 1200mg. It took about Three weeks but ultimately I am pretty much ok all over. I know it works because sometimes I slack off on taking the omega,s and sure enough it starts to come back. I am not telling this will work for anyone else but it pretty much saved my skin. I think using the omegas could possibly benefit anyone with many different types of skin problems. I have been using them now for at least two years and all ok.

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If you can stand against the urges t scrape that will help keeping it from getting inflamed. My frien Josh in high school had it all over his face and the poor dude almost had no confidence left. I was fortunate and like most of us only got in on my scalp. Others are not so fortunate .

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I went for treatments but usually abandon after a month cause the UV rays are searing places that dont see any sun and it hurts.

I usually do tanning booths and find staying away from dairy and beer indeed helps.(as my pic shows me drinking beer) LOL

Lately, it has been spreading like crazy so I’m gonna do the treatments again.

I find most of the creams are a accomplish waste of time and just end up ruining my clothes.

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I have found that being open and fair with women about the condition is the best method.

I think working on our own problems and self esteem is the real issue.Let’s face it do you want to be with a woman who would say that dating a person with P is like dating a rotting corpse?,it says a lot about her and you.

You are right both sexes can be aggressive but I have to agree with the ladies on this one, I think dudes who are more into the physical appearance are less understanding.

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