MSN Messenger – Windows Live Messenger

MSN Messenger - Windows Live Messenger

MSN messenger is a application developed by Microsoft that permits users on the internet to communicate with each other. Both Hotmail messenger, Windows Live messenger and MSN messenger are the same thing. MSN Messenger provided not only talk using text and movie, but they also provided talk rooms. Talk rooms permitted users to meet and engage with other users. If you are wanting to download Hotmail messenger, as of 2013 the service has switched. What once had hundreds of millions of users has now converted to Skype. When Microsoft purchased Skype, MSN messenger leisurely faded into the background.

MSN Messenger had many advanced features for it’s time. For some, Hotmail messenger was an entertainment hub which permitted users to add all of their Hotmail contacts for talking. They provided emoticons that let users attempt to express their messages with more human emotion. The also provided online games where users could play against one another or by their self. Hotmail messenger also added file transferring in 2000.

When Windows XP arrived on scene, MSN messenger came installed with the operating system. No longer did you have to download the messaging application. This was a successful attempt to get more users using the messenger.

Hotmail messenger, also known as MSN messenger or Windows Live messenger has always been referenced by different names. Dedicated users usually called it Hotmail messenger. The official name was MSN messenger. That is, until 2006 when Microsoft officially switched the name to Windows Live Messenger.

Windows Live Messenger Converts To Skype

Windows Live messenger has nostalgic value to a lot of people, but being a business, Microsoft had to keep up with the switching request. During the 1990’s, talk programs were a common app with internet users. Not to mention a common way people met other people for friendships and even dating. Services such as AOL, AIM and Yahoo messenger were some of the most popular along side Hotmail messenger. Due to the technology, talking in real time using a web browser was not possible. Now days you can talk right on your dearest social network such as Facebook for example. Skype suggested a few features that were hard to achieve in a web browser and that MSN messenger could not accomplish at that time. Windows Live messenger was ultimately substituted with Skype, utilizing the advanced talk features Skype suggested.

Skype offers movie calling. You can also use Skype to call actual phone numbers. Another benefit Skype has is that it runs on just about every mobile device as well as every operating system. Skype users also have the option to purchase a phone number that will accept calls from phones. Most of Skype services are also available in your web browser.

Where To Download Or Use Skype

If you miss using Windows Live messenger and want to give Skype a attempt there are a few different ways of going about this. Skype comes pre-installed on a lot of modern devices. If it is not already on your device you can download Skype. Very first you can go to and download the program. Skype runs on Windows, iOS, Android, Linux and Blackberry and even your TV or Xbox. Just select the version you want to use for the device you are downloading from and run the Skype messenger.

If you do not want to download Skype, you can run it in your Hotmail account. Very first go to and sign in to Hotmail. Once you do this, look for the Skype talk icon in the top right had corner of your screen and click on it.

The Skype talk window will emerge. You can speak with online contacts or even search for fresh ones.

Skype is an upgraded version of Windows live messenger. Hopefully you fall in love with it as you did the old MSN messenger.

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