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Desktop Search

  • 100% Free
  • Effortless to use
  • Safe browsing
  • Quickly Launch a search from your desktop

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Clicking this download button starts the installation of Desktop Search which is a free application. To learn more, visit our about page.

Search directly from your desktop for FREE!

Awesome Desktop Search Features:

Plain Search

Quick and effortless contraption that permits you to search right from your desktop.

Quick Results

Inject your search into the unique search implement and it will quickly launch the search results for you to view.

Effortless to Install and Uninstall

Takes seconds to install and if it doesn’t meet your needs, you can lightly uninstall via Add/Eliminate Programs (more info).

Prompt and Dependable

Desktop Search is the real deal. Attempt it – it’s Free!

Built For PC

Desktop Search Works on Microsoft Windows powered PC systems. All private data and Insights are stored locally on your PC.

100% Safe &, Secure!

Desktop Search works locally on your computer. Your information stays safe and secure.

Get instant access to search the web from your desktop!

Clicking this download button starts the installation of Desktop Search which is a free application. To learn more, visit our about page.

Desktop Search message:

Our search implement permits you to quickly and lightly find what you are searching for. Inject your search to quickly launch the results page.

Effortless to uninstall:

If at any point you wish to uninstall Desktop Search, you can do so within Program Files or within Add/Eliminate Programs on your Windows machine. If you would like more detailed steps, please visit our detailed uninstall information.

Optional offers bundled during installation:

During installation of Desktop Search, you may receive extra offers such as a search toolbar. These offers are optional and you will be given the choice to ‘Accept’ or ‘Skip’ the offers. Search toolbar offers may include the option to switch your default search, your home page and/or your fresh tab page. More info.

No need to restart your computer after installation!

By clicking the download button, you consent to download and install Desktop Search. During installation, you will need to close your browser.

By installing Desktop Search, you agree to our Terms &, Conditions, which you can review by visiting our Terms & Conditions page.

Other legal mumbo jumbo:

Any third-party marks are property of their respective owners.

Desktop Search is entirely free to use, but may display advertisements while Desktop Search is installed. These promotions help us keep Desktop Search 100% awesome and free for you. Learn more on our about page.

Browser and Operating System Compatibility:

Desktop Search works on Microsoft Windows®, Internet Explorer®,, Mozilla Firefox®, and Google Chrome™,.

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