How To Create a Gmail Account

How To Create a Gmail Account

Not so long ago Gmail registration could only be done through invitations from the users who already had a verified Google web account. This rule has been switched, permitting anybody to sign up to Gmail with less limitations.

Create a Gmail Account

Open your web browser and go to the homepage. Then click on the Gmail option located in the toolbar:

There are two possible screenplays, depending on your account status. If you already have a Google account, simply come in your username and password to access Gmail via your Google account. You can do this by clicking on Login.

Do not hesitate and go after these steps below to create a Gmail account to securely and quickly from its official site.

  1. After loading the page, then comes in the section “Create an account “.
  2. A fresh window will be opened, and you need to finish several required blanks, including: Very first name, Last name and of course the Username you want to use. Recall that the name you could choose depends on the availability on the platform of Gmail (and could be chosen by someone else in the world), so you must click on check availability
  3. You also need to create and set the password (must be at least 8 characters) for security purposes. Next, you need to select Security Question and then provide the reaction. By the same item, it is recommended to establish an alternative mail to retrieve your password or email ID whenever you get troubles logging in.
  4. Almost finished, now you need to select your country and inject your date of birth.
  5. will check the captcha(to verify that we are not a robot) and proceed
  6. Let&rsquo,s accept the terms and conditions set by clicking on ” Create my account

Ultimately, select the Check this box to confirm that you have read and accepted all the conditions of use. and click on Next step. In the introductory page of the service, click I am ready to use my account to finalize your registration.

When creating a Gmail account, you also have a Google account, which permits you to access other personalized services such as YouTube, Android, and Google Plus, Google’s social network.

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