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Unless you are one of the fortunate ones who gets to live in Thailand or the Philippines, or are a frequent visitor to Asia&rsquo,s shemale hotspots, it&rsquo,s not that effortless to meet genuine trannies.

Gorgeously beautiful, exotic, love greedy shemales are not exactly plentiful in the West, or even in other parts of Asia. The truth is even if you do live in Thailand, finding &lsquo,gf&rsquo, material, or a tranny you have something in common with (other than hookup), is not as effortless as you&rsquo,d think.

The demonstrable solution is online dating sites. It&rsquo,s a superb place to search and vet potential dates and/or hook ups, and whether you are looking for a one night stand, the love of your life, or just want some shemale companionships or a talk mate, there are several good dating sites packed with thousands of trannies from all walks of life, and in a lot of locations around the world. You&rsquo,ll most likely be astonished by how many shemales there are in different corners of the globe, and may even find there&rsquo,s one close to you right now!


My Shemale Date is a very slick and modern dating site run by a true tranny paramour and his Philippino shemale gf. It&rsquo,s very effortless to use and has lots of superb ways for you to flirt and talk with joy and attractive shemales. Most importantly My Tranny Date has a lot of genuine shemales on it, both in Asia and many other countries around the world.

The site has a strong ethos towards genuine relationships and they vet tranny members, removing anyone working as and escort or asking for money. Along with having fantastic customer support (very helpful, understanding, and quick to react), for me, this is the best site for looking for a tranny gf.

There are a lot of other Thai dating sites where you can meet shemales, but this is certainly the best of the rest. Thaifriendly&rsquo,s popularity has rocketed in latest years, now making it one of the most popular, especially in Bangkok and Pattaya, where most it&rsquo,s members are based.

The site is very ordinary and effortless to use, and however it&rsquo,s recommended to invest in a paid membership, you can certainly commencing searching and talking to shemales without paying. However, the site has a reputation for being utter of escorts, bar damsels, and trannies looking for money, but then again, some people might find that a good thing. In fact, this is the best tranny dating site for lovemaking meets.

Thailovelinks has been around forever, or at least it seems that way, and as a result it&rsquo,s enormously popular with Thai shemales and their foreign fans. While most Thai dating sites are packed with Bangkok and Pattaya ladies (and shemales), this site covers just about every city, town, and major village in the country, with lots of trannies to be found from all across Thailand, especially Isaan in the North East of Thailand.

You need to be a paying member to be able to find and contact the many shemales on the site, but it&rsquo,s not expensive, and with ensured results it&rsquo,s most likely the best investment you&rsquo,ll make this year. This is lightly the best Thai dating site, not just for women, but for shemales too.

Being the sister site of My Tranny Date, My Transsexual Date goes after the same set of standards and ethos. The site uses the same template, features and functions, and is identically a pleasure to use.

However, a much newer site, My Transsexual Date is aimed toward Western and Latino transsexuals, or basically the many non-Asian TS who don&rsquo,t identify themselves as a shemale, but rather as Transsexuals. Similarly, My Transsexual Date also discourage escorts and guys looking for lovemaking talk or to play the field, promoting genuine dates and relationships, making it the best site to find a Transsexual gf.

For a long time I&rsquo,ve been a big fan of Shemale Smooches (the website AND the act of locking lips with shemales), even however it was clearly not created by a team of accomplished graphic designers. It has a ample database of Asian trannies and a excellent support team who seem on a mission to build as many Foreign-Asian shemale relationships as they can.

Look past the aging layout and design of this site and give it a attempt, and I promise you you&rsquo,ll detect most likely the best dating site for Thai and Filipino shemales, and lightly one of the best for paid memberships.

If you&rsquo,re an absolute novice to the world of tranny and transsexual dating, or have attempted but with little success, don&rsquo,t give up! Maybe you need a little help and support to get you embarked.

Why not invest in a tranny dating guide and learn from guys who have been there and done that. They may be cheap but such guides can be invaluable to a lot of confused and hapless newcomers, suggesting life switching advice and some of the secrets to getting a shemale or transsexual gf.

Based on the true story of the author, (a dude who went from a cold European climate to living under the sun with the shemale gf of his fantasy), How to Date a Tranny talks you through all the stages of how he very first entered the world of trannies from his home laptop, through to meeting lots of tranny paramours and travelling out to.

Not only do you get to learn all the tricks and tips of dating shemales, as well as the things not to do!, but you learn with the skill and confidence that anyone can find their desire shemale(s).

Not everyone has the ball sack or resources to travel out to Asia to meet trannies, and some choose Western and Latino shemales. How to date Transsexual Women is a crash course in finding and dating beautiful Transsexuals.

Similarly, this guide is written by a stud who has been there and done it, suggesting lots of insightful tips, such as where to embark your search, how to treatment transsexuals, and other advice from hook-up to beginning a genuine relationship. It also promises to help you find and meet transsexuals where ever you are in the world.

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