To find out why and how some other sites might even mislead you, take a good look at: PenPalsPlanet – Why Choose Us.

To find out why and how some other sites might even mislead you, take a good look at: PenPalsPlanet - Why Choose Us.

Okay, you want to know which are the top dating sites in the US, and you’re most likely looking for a top Ten type list — but back-up for a moment. Do you truly think it’s that straightforward? If you search at your dearest search engine you’ll find seemingly endless top Ten dating sites lists, but here’s the thing, they are all different from each other!

Why? These ‘top dating sites in USA’ lists are all different from each other because different webmasters have different ideas about what makes a top dating site. Some will go for the sites with the most members, others will favour the functionality of the site, yet others will list those that give them the highest commissions if you buy through their link.

We at have a different treatment to many. Since 1999 we’ve been searching the web for the best dating resources, as well as producing our own. We do have our top ten list, but our ideas about which are the top dating sites are based on a number of criteria, but very first and foremost we stress your protection. There are certain necessary things that any web site looking for the title of one of the top dating sites must have, in our opinion. These include:

  • Will not sell your individual data or your email address.

You can create your profile for free.

There are not a lot of sites among others ‘top dating sites’ lists that can claim all of these, but can, and this is why it is our individual recommendation as one of the top dating sites in USA.

Go to and read their FAQs, then browse the profiles and determine for yourself. Which other dating sites truly match up? To make it lighter for you to begin, with the permission of PenPalsPlanet (and their parent bod ) we have included a way to search their profiles right from this page: the search panel above right.

Go to what we rate as one of the

Top dating sites in USA:

PenPalsPlanet is quick and effortless to use, and it’s much safer than most. It’s also free to view the profiles. Just select from the drop-down menus below, then click the ‘Go to Profiles’ button. You will be taken at once to the profiles of your choice:

This page is for identifying what is or could be the top dating sites in USA.

Resources to Help you Find the Top Dating Sites in USA:

The features list here also represent our nominated criteria for how to identify one of the real top Ten dating sites in USA, as we believe these criteria go a long way towards identifying the best web sites of this kind.

Which are the top dating sites in USA for Christians? The best online Christian dating site will vary according to individual opinion, of course, but here is what we think is a good one.

This is a page describing what we think is the best online dating site – yes, you guessed, it’s

Does online dating truly work? Get our take on it here.

Top Dating Site for Latin Singles who speak Spanish? This page will showcase you what we believe is the top dating site for Spanish-speaking singles. The page is in Spanish, but there is an English version too.

Appalachian women seeking friendship or marriage – photo personals. has chosen to become an associate of PenPalsPlanet () largely because of the top protection it affords its members. PenPalsPlanet () has a very large database of single woman and boys across the globe. It is believed by us to be one of the top dating sites on the net. To find out why and how some other sites might even mislead you, take a good look at: PenPalsPlanet – Why Choose Us. In addition to searching by gender and country (as with the dating in USA search above right), PenPalsPlanet also enables you to search by other criteria. To use these other criteria go here.

All information on this ‘Top dating sites in USA’ page is believed correct at the time of its publication.

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Top dating sites in USA? It depends on how you rate them — we explain above.

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