Desktop as a service (DaaS)? Your virtual desktop in the Cloud

Desktop as a service (DaaS)? Your virtual desktop in the Cloud

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What is online desktop? A virtual computer to which you can log in wherever you are

With Online Desktop, any computer becomes your computer. Because after you have logged in, you can access your desktop, programs and files.

You can then log in using any computer or tablet and get direct access to your own desktop, programs and files. With all the settings exactly as you left them.

Why choose our Online Desktop? Make things lighter for you and your colleagues

Access via any computer

The only thing you need is a computer or tablet with an Internet connection. Log in via the browser and get commenced as if it were your own computer.

Your programs are available everywhere

Thanks to online desktop, you can access your own specific programs from any computer. We install them for you on Windows for free.

Flawlessly secured

Your computer is better protected than a normal computer thanks to our firewall and the most latest antivirus software.

In addition, we always make backups so that you never lose any data.

24/7 support

Do you have any questions or problems? Your local service playmate is available to assist you. Based on your agreements with him, he will provide you with prompt assistance in times of need. That is effortless and efficient.

Always up to date

Do not wait until your system administrator has the time to install a Windows update or perform maintenance. We will do this for you at no extra cost.

We migrate your computer for you

We migrate all your programs, files and settings of your current PC to a virtual desktop. This way, you can get commenced right away without any problem.

The benefits of a virtual computer Why choose a computer in the cloud?

Fewer investments in IT

In the long run, a virtual desktop is always cheaper than a real desktop. Because you only pay a motionless monthly fee per user. All other costs vanish:

  • No extra costs for Windows licences
  • No expensive investments in fresh servers, software or computers
  • No high energy bills due to the fact that your server must be running at all times
  • No maintenance and monitoring costs
  • No costs for unused computers.

Boost the productivity of your organisation

Your colleagues will soon be able to work as lightly from home as in their office. You just need to log in and all the programs are ready. This way, nobody will ever be stuck in traffic again and an urgent e-mail can be written in no time in the evening.

No more updates and virus scans

From now on, you no longer need to have an expensive system administrator who maintains your servers and installs the latest version of your software. We do this remotely for you at no extra charge.

Super nimble

Do you want to install specific applications on your Online Desktop? Give access to numerous employees? Optimally reduce your own infrastructure in order to get the most out of your virtual workstation? In that case, we will be glad to discuss things with you so that we can find the solution that best suits your needs.

Do you need free advice on online desktop?

Simon and his colleagues are available 24/7 for advice, no strings fastened. Feel free to contact them if you have any further questions or for a quote.

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