AppAdvice – Latest iOS News And Reviews

AppAdvice - Latest iOS News And Reviews

Fresh Year’s resolutions are made to be cracked, no? Use these apps to stay on track in the fresh year.

Ideal Accessories for Your Fresh AirPods

Did you receive Apple’s AirPods this holiday season? We’re highlighting some flawless AirPods accessories that can protect and customize the popular wireless earbuds.

After Apology, Battery-Related Class Activity Lawsuits Against Apple Grow

There are now 15 separate class activity lawsuits against Apple over the company’s decision to slow older iPhones. The latest case was filed in Texas,

The Best Apps For The NBA Season

The 2017-18 NBA season tips off October 17th, 2017, and here are apps to go after the entire season.

Today’s Apps Gone Free: Gesundheit, Vocabulary, Sketch Me and More

Today’s AppsGoneFree list includes an act game, a reference app, and a photography app.

Improve Your Life Habits With These Fine iOS Apps

We all have our good and bad habits. It’s time to build up the good ones and get rid of the bad. These apps can help.

Apple TV Apps To Help You Learn

Lifelong learning can be essential to our growth and with the right apps on your Apple TV, you can learn at your own rhythm and on your own time, right from the convenience of your living room.

December 28

Apple Drops Price of iPhone Battery Replacement, Issues Apology

Apple has announced a improvised price cut for an iPhone battery replacement on older handset models. It has also issued an apology.

Health Accessories for iPhone Users to Help Monitor Your Figure

Here are the best health accessories that are compatible with the iPhone. These include trackers, blood pressure monitors, scales, and much more.

Find the Right Volunteer Chance for You with Helpful Apps

When you want to help an organization by volunteering, these apps make it effortless to find excellent opportunities.

Relieve and Unwind with Amazing Aquarium Apps for iOS

Do you love the peaceful glances and sounds of aquarium apps, but are tired of fishing for the best ones? Look no further, we have a list aweseome aquarium apps to help you loosen.

Best Fitness Gear for iPhone Owners Who Want to Get in Form

We’ve compiled a list of the best fitness gear for iPhone users. Use these items to make 2018 your healthiest year to date.

2018 Predictions: What We Hope to See in the Fresh Year

2017 was a enormous year for Apple thanks to the arrival of the iPhone X. Will next year feel like a letdown? Here are our 2018 predictions.

Today’s Apps Gone Free: WorkBreaker, FrameLapse, War of Eclipse and More

Today’s AppsGoneFree list includes a health app, a photography app, and a role-playing game.

Sate Your Sweet Tooth with Delicious Dessert Apps

Get recipes for cakes and pies, fruits and yogurts, or decadent chocolates. These apps for dessert paramours give you the tasty treats you seek.

December 27

Report: Noninvasive Apple See Glucose Meter Still ‘Years’ Away

The Fresh York Times says a noninvasive Apple Witness glucose meter won’t be ready for the public for years to come, despite testing by CEO Tim Cook.

Reach Your Weight Loss Goals with These Helpful Apps

Count calories, plan meals, and track your weight with these good apps.

Apple’s 2017 Product Hits and Misses Include Some Surprises

What were Apple’s 2017 product hits and misses? It’s time to find out on this list which includes the iPhone X, Ten.5-inch iPad Pro, and more.

The Best Lightning Cable for Your iPhone or iPad

The best Lightning cable is the Anker PowerLine+ because it’s limber, durable, and Apple MFI compliant. We’ve never seen anything like it.

Amazon Alexa App Rises to No. 1 on the US App Store Charts

With Apple’s HomePod missing the holiday season, Amazon evidently had strong sales of its Echo devices as the Amazon Alexa app hit the top spot on Dec. 25.

Throw Out the Goopy Notes, These Handy Apps Will Remind You

They say an elephant never forgets. And, neither will you with these convenient reminder apps.

Today’s Apps Gone Free: Thermometer X, miniSynth, Dual Player and More

Today’s AppsGoneFree list includes a weather app, a musical instrument, and a music player.

Apps To Help You Plan Your Winter Sports

Planning your journey to the mountains for some winter sports? Download these apps to get the latest snow reports, find the best slopes, and view live cameras of your beloved ski resorts.

Best Technology Accessories of 2017 Include Speakers, Lights and More

Our best technology accessories of 2017 feature awesome speakers and headphones, a clever lighting product like no other, and much more.

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