Then come back to get inspired again.

Then come back to get inspired again.

I think the title says it all. I Dare you not to find something that suits you in the list below.

To get the most out of this article, pick just five ideas that you’re most excited about. Attempt them for three weeks and see what worked for you the most. After that, dismiss what doesn’t work for you and come back to pick fresh ideas you’ve never attempted.

Now, of course you have to know how to talk to people, have a little joy, exchange contact information and take it from there. But, knowing where to go to meet people can make the entire process of making friends lighter for you.

Obviously I haven’t attempted everything here, but I attempted most of it and ONLY included what makes sens for a youthful man to do to meet friends :

Sports Class : Boxing, Gym and Aerobics, etc. You choose. It’s a good way to take care of yourself and meet people. Albeit, it’s always better to take a class where the people are youthful and interesting. You can’t afford to waste your time in a class where you can’t meet friends.

Hobbie Class : Yoga, Salsa Dance, Tango Dance, Cooking, Acting…, etc. It’s a good ways to meet fresh friends. If you want to learn a fresh skill, then do it. If you want to do it just to meet friends, then fine. A lot of people take up fresh hobbies just for that.

Hobbie/Sports-based Group : Photography, Guitare (or any other instrument) paramours, Fitness and Running Clubs, Improv Clubs, Actors Studio, Philosophy Paramours Club.

Facebook : Of course, you have to know how to do it decently, or else, you’ll waste a massive amount of time.

Non-Profit : Join a non-profit or just go to their events, talk to people and get interested in the people. You can talk to people about the event’s subject, but the more you can talk about THEM, the more chances you’ll become a friend.

Social Events : Expat Events, Social Groups, Networking Events, 20-something After-work Events. These are superb, I went to hundreds of events like them. The people are open and interested in making fresh friends. Also, if you’re a little bashful, don’t worry, these are the EASIEST people to talk to. : Abundance of groups and Get-togethers…, frankly no reason not to do it. I went to a dozen meetups and now I’m part of a House Music Club. I like how chill the people are. Example (San Diego groups and meetups) :

Neighbors : Ordinary sequence : go from Hi to How Are Things Going? to How’s work? to What do you do? to Care for a drink?

Online Forums : Fitness, Dating, Sports…, it’s amazing how you can take any subjet, let’s say “fishing”, go to google, type “fishing forum san diego” and you’ll find a entire community of people interested in that. You can go to a forum around something you love, embark sharing your opinions on topics and then send private messages to some people you want to meet.

Bars and Pubs : Yes, they can be intimidating. But you can just commence talking to someone at the bar, boy or lady. If you want to meet fresh people at bars, go to busy bars where the music is not too noisy. If you put yourself in a busy area, people are going to be all around you. Turn on your confidence and talk to people.

Personally, I go to bars because my social life gets stimulated in there. I happen to bump into a lot of people I know that I would like to turn into friends. I meet existing friends and I get to meet THEIR friends. And also, it gives me a chance to introduce my friends to each other which is very significant.

Book Clubs and Book Stores : Never attempted a book club but I met a few female friends in bookstores. One time, I just said to a damsel holding a private finances book “Hey, that’s what rich people read…, you must be rich, let’s get married or something!”. She was into self improvement so we hit it off pretty quick.

Private Parties : Always go to the private parties of people you know. Especially the Bday parties . People may act aloof about it, but it means a LOT to them if you showcase up at their bday party. You make the friendship go a lot deeper. And it’s a good way to meet THEIR friends. Chances are, you’ll meet their close friends and some family. And people get very friendly and open in bday parties.

The Dog Park : or any pet-related event (if you have a pet)

Cultural Events : Museum events, Concerts, live music and local bands

Comedy Club/Comedy Fans Groups

Sports Team Fans Clubs (Baseball, Football, Basket-Ball, Hockey) If you like a team, but not a mad-fan, don’t worry, you can still hangout with at the fan get-together’s. You can go and talk about the games and the team. You say to people that you don’t necessarily witness all the games but you like the team. If you’re interested in any of the participants, talk to him and switch the conversation to what they do in life and what they do for joy.

Pick five ideas that you’re most excited about. Attempt them for three weeks, keep what works for you. Then come back to get inspired again.

Professional Events : Fairs, Function-Driven Groups (example: sales, marketing, development, advertising, architects, lawyers, real estate, etc…,). Self-explanatory I hope? People go to these events to do “professional networking”. That means they expect people to come and introduce themselves. It makes it effortless for you to meet fresh people. Just don’t stay too much on the professional side of the conversation. You can be a little effortless going and demonstrate clearly that you can be joy too.

These places are utter of youthfull people.

Seminars : self explanatory? If you go to a seminar about your subject of interest, how lighter can it get to make fresh friends? You just met the people you want the most: People with collective interests.

Self-Improvement Clubs : Hypnosis Groups, Holistic Healing Groups, NLP Groups, Psychology, Meditation. These can be joy. You could meet some interesting people who are conscious of where they’re going in life. The downside is that all people won’t be of your age. But still, you can always meet at least two to five friends, just through an NLP Group.

Public Speaking Clubs (like Toastmasters) Do you want to learn public speaking? If not, you can skip this. But if you do, then undoubtedly go to these.

Singles Clubs and Events and Speed Dating : These are joy, especially if you go with a friend or a female friend. Just get there and talk to people and make it clear that you don’t only want to meet a chicks for dating. Talk to anyone dame/boy/group of women. The key is to not take it gravely. You can find singles clubs online. : If you’ve never couch-surfed, you may wanna attempt it. I never did but heard fine feedback on how interesting it is. What I did attempt is to contact local couchsurfers and asked them questions about the site and how did they find the practice. That led to adding them on facebook and meeting them in person later on. By the way, they also do casual couchsurfers meetup’s, you go to them even if you’re *just* interested in the concept.

Contests and Tournaments : Poker, Video-games, Races, Dance contests…,

Language-Driven Events and Groups : People learning fresh languages like to meet others who do too. If you speak Spanish, French or any other foreign language, find a group of people who are learning it.

Wine/Beer Events : Casual-Drinkers clubs, Beer Fans, Wine Tasting. If you drink, go to these. Some people are cool, some are just losers pretending to be cool. You have to make your pick.

That’s it for now! Awesome list and I dare you NOT to find at least Two ideas that suit your situation ideally.

Recall, people are bored and no one listens to them. They’re desperate for someone like you to come and ask them questions about themselves.

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  • Specific strategies to make fresh friends and build your social circle

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